Friday, March 22, 2013

JulieG Frosted Gumdrops

I'm doing an art challenge for March and today is Swatch day. I've been itching to try all of JulieG's Frosted Gumdrops. I used some for the Irish flag, so for today I used all of the others and Rock Candy once more.

Starting from the thumb and then working my way down, I used Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz then Crushed Candy. These three polishes have medium round glitter that matches the color. Because of that they have an ever so slightly rougher texture. Then I used Hot Cinnamon and Sugar Rush. Hot Cinnamon has tiny little yellow and red micro glitters, while Sugar Rush is a reddish orange with yellow and orange micro glitters. I love it, and I love these JulieG Frosted Gumdrops.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Opposites pt 1

So with all of the textured polishes now, I got to thinking about opposites. I did this mani and I have another idea for tomorrow. For this one I thought the matte look and rough texture of JulieG's Frosted Gum Drops and the super smooth and shiny Color Club Halos, made for good opposites. Both of these types of polish are absolute addictions of mine right now!

I did a tape mani with the Frosted Gum Drops, Blueberry Fizz and Crushed Candy, over the Halos, Over the Moon and Eternal Beauty.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My first blog entry!!

I've got to start somewhere so I've decided to start with my St. Patrick's Day mani!

To show some very slightly Irish pride, and to play with some new polishes, I used the new Frosted Gum Drops polishes from JulieG and I Want Jesses Girl Cosmetics, to create an Irish flag and a 4 leaf clover!  I used Tangerine Dreams and Rock Candy!  The white polish is Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  

I love these new Frosted Gum Drops!  The are easy to work with and dry quickly! I can't wait do more with them!